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Heuristic Evaluation 

Evaluation Measurements

I've used the 10 usability heuristics by Nielsen Norman Group to conduct the evaluation . 

The evaluation provides a severity level to each of the problems to indicate which problems need to be tackled first and in what order might they want to proceed with to make changes. 

Crucial : Cannot function unless Fixed.

Major: Fix Now

Minor: Fix Soon

Trivial: Fix when Possible

The evaluation is broken down by the 3 main tasks that are performed on the application.

Task #1 Onboarding

Onboarding 1.jpg






Onboarding 2.jpg








Onboarding 3.jpg





Onboarding 4.jpg







4.User Control and Freedom
In case there is some error, user isn't allowed to go back to fix email id or change the password.

Recommendation : Allow the user to go back or to exit the screen. 

5.Recognize Errors

If someone already has an account, the user reaches this page, enters password but the page doesn't provide an error. It just stays in the same page without providing any feedback.

Recommendation: Provide an error message saying the email id already has an existing account.

17.Error Prevention

Like in the previous pages, this page doesn't indicate if this is a required question. So If "complete" is clicked without  making any adjustment is my personality just the default?


2. Recognize Errors
The colors used for error message and  "Terms and privacy" are similar. Indicating that they are related. 

Recommendation: Change the color of Terms and privacy to a different shade.

6.Consistency and Standards

The hide password icon is usually placed within the entry box.

7.Consistency and Standards

The icon for profile doesn't really seem like
profile info but rather a contact book.

Recommendation: Just put outline of a 
person,or make it more explicitly known 
that its information for profile.

12.Error Prevention

Inform the users that these questions are mandatory beforehand. 

Recommendation: Disable the next button or include a red star at the end of heading. 

18.Ease of Use

There is no proper indication of what the slider indicates in the middle section. Does it make any difference in matching me?


The alignment of the 'x' for entry box seems off even though it is in the middle due to the mail icon.


When scrolling down, alignment of 
the categories go off.


1. Ease of Use

Most users will create an account only 
once but login often. Create Account
is given more visual weight than Login 
even though it's used less frequently.

Recommendation: Highlight "Login" and give less importance to create account by either moving it below, or making it smaller.

8.Ease of Use

No information that the username 
will be used instead of actual name is provided on this screen, and that it is automatically provided.

Recommendation: Give clearer instructions regarding username and you could even ask for the name first and then the username. 

9.Consistency and Standards

Information provided regarding revealing name is different from what information is provided inside the app to unlock the name. 


Recommendation: Stick to either showing that the name will be shown once unlocked or once they've met.

10. Visibility of System Status

User needs to realize that they are moving along the profile section of the signup process. No indication until they move on to a brand new section.

11.Consistency and Standards

The options provided for gender are not considered a standard set of options. It does not include everyone and lacks diversity in the options.

13. Visability of System Status

System status indicated is erroneous. Since it goes from two more sections to this being the 
last section. 

14.Ease of Use

No indication to the user that these categories will lead to more specialized options later on.

15.Error Prevention

No indication in the start that only 8 options are allowed. Users might click the first 8 instead of most important 8.

Recommendation: Add a description saying choose only 8. 

Task #2 Connect with People












1. Recognition vs Recall

There is no indication regarding
whether you have already connected with this person. The user has to recall whether they have connected with a particular person.

5. Match between System and Real World 

The information regarding what messages and requests indicate are unclear. Is there any difference between request and messages? The system says request to "Meet Up", but was unable to find a way to request someone. The system also says wants to meet but it allows only for messages.

2. Ease of Use

The application always starts with the same user presented. It does not change even if you send them a message, no way of hiding or rejecting a profile card.

4. Recognition vs Recall

No feedback was given when a message gets sent.


3. Consistency and Standards

Although it isn't shown here, the user will be unsure what a Star means when it is attached to a user profile.

Recommendation: Provide a more active way of showing the user that there is a person who is a super match for them.

6. Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

The names generated are similar, causes confusion as to which user I was chatting with. Also the messages swap positions once you reply to someone. Causing greater confusion.

Task #3 Edit Your Profile

Edit Profile.jpg









3. Consistency and Standards

The back buttons are not all towards one side, they keep shifting between left and
right. Although due to the way it animates it might seem obvious to shift the buttons,
the user is used to having all the back buttons on one side to make the process of going back quicker.

Recommendation: Assign the back button to just one side on all screens.

4. Consistency and Standards

Although it indicates a delete button, you can't really remove it when you click on the 'x'.


1. User Control and Freedom

No indication that you can click and change your avatar picture.

2. Aesthetics

There is an option to select graduate majors but profile doesn't indicate graduate but rather junior/senior.

6. Consistency and Standards

The interests in the edit profile section is differently shown compared to when creating the account. Having uniformity will help with the users mental model.

5. Error Prevention

There is no indication whether the display question will be completely erased or you can choose to select from one of your answers.

Recommendation: Provide users with feedback that the answer will not be saved or that provide them with the ability to access their previous answers.

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