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Meet Cookie!

Hi nice to meet you- I'm Shravya! (She/Her/Hers)

I'm a product designer who's graduating from the Masters in Information Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin this May.  

After graduating with a Bachelors of Engineering, I decided to pivot and pursue a career in product design. Growing up in a family of Architects and Engineers, breakfast conversations revolved around the interconnected nature of form and function. These conversations piqued my curiosity in designing seamlessly intuitive experiences that eventually led me to pursue a career that combine my strengths of problem solving, understanding and empathizing with people, to help design and create solutions for complex problems worth solving.

I've previously interned at GoTransverse as a UX intern and I'm currently interning at Kamana where I'm working on my capstone project. 

Outside of work you will see me dancing with people, indulging in good conversation over a cup of filter coffee, and when I'm back home throughly enjoying my time with Cookie!

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